NEW ZEALAND WOMEN are leading change and building the wealth of communities and companies nationwide. But we are not growing our personal wealth.  We have lower financial literacy* and drastically lower net wealth** than men, despite living longer. 

We want to make investing and financial literacy a priority for women. We aim to:

  • Smash the taboo of talking about money.

  • Share the knowledge of the most experienced and successful women in the finance industry.

  • Decode financial jargon to make investing accessible.

  • Empower each woman with the knowledge and confidence to make investment decisions independently.

*A New Zealand study conducted by Colmar Brunton in 2013 for the Commission for Financial Literacy and Retirement Income found that of 32% of women surveyed had "low" financial knowledge compared to 26% of men, 31% of women had "medium" knowledge compared to 33% of men, and 38% of women had "high" knowledge compared to 41% of men. See https://www.cffc.org.nz/assets/Documents/FKBS-2013-Financial-Knowledge-and-Behaviour-Survey-11-06-2013.pdf

**The average (a calculation affected by very wealthy outliers) net wealth of women is $264,000 compared to $332,000 for men according to Statistics New Zealand Household Net Wealth Statistics (year ended June 2015), Table 5.01.  However, it is hard to distinguish how much of this 22% difference in average wealth is due to investing as opposed to salary or spending related causes.