Getting Started With Shares


A huge to thank you to everyone who attended our latest workshops in Auckland and Wellington: Shares 101. Here’s the rundown on what you missed if you weren’t able to attend!


After our first two workshops on the Gender Investment Gap and Risk, we were excited to drill down into one asset type. What lots of you wanted to know was: what exactly are shares, how do they work, and where can I get them from in New Zealand?

Thankfully, we had an expert guest speaker, Felicity Gibson, who is the Head of Clearing at the NZX.

Felicity’s presentation covered:

  • A share is a unit of ownership that means a share in the assets, profit (or loss) and the governance of a company.

  • While the price of an asset is important, it’s also important to think about the income you may get from a share (a dividend) - reinvesting this can be really powerful!

  • Lots of different things drive price:

    • Supply and demand

    • Company assets and performance

    • Macro events e.g. government tariff changes

    • Changes to the company

    • Speculation

  • Diversification is really important, and takes many forms:

    • DIfferent investment types e.g. bonds, shares, cash, property

    • Different companies

    • Different industries

    • Different geographies

    • Growth vs mature companies

Felicity also told us where we can get $50,000 to spend on the NZX! Unfortunately it’s not real money, but you can sign up for an account at to play with a virtual $50,000 and see how the NZ share market works.

After a pizza break and some getting to know you bingo, we came back with a big activity all about platforms in New Zealand where you can buy shares. We looked at 8 different platforms, and answered questions like:

  • What is the minimum amount required to invest?

  • What types of funds are available on the platform?

  • What is the fee for the platform?

  • What is the fee range for the funds or the brokerage fee for buying shares?

  • Can you invest ethically?

The output of this group brainstorm can be found on our Facebook Community Page!

Finally we asked attendees to make sure they took action on their investing journey, and to find a buddy to hold accountable. So if you’re reading this and you haven’t followed up with your buddy - this is your prompt to do it now!

Remember, Closing the Gap is here to:

  • Normalise conversations about money

  • Educate women about investing

  • Encourage women to take action

Let us know if you can think of more ideas for the best way to do this - we’re always looking to grow and expand, so any and all ideas are welcome!